4th Battalion , King’s Shropshire Light Infantry ('44 - '45)

159th (lorried) Infantry Brigade
11th Armoured division

Our main impression is focused on the normal ‘common’ British soldier. We try to give a good all-round portrayal of this individual during the Second World War. This includes the ‘grub’ he got on his plate up to his personal hygiene. Also his daily life, fighting at the front or in the rear, we try to represent in a manner as responsible as we can.

The main body of the British Infantry consisted of sections, each containing of 10 men. Each section was under the command of a corporal and consisted of a Rifle group and a BREN group. The Rifle group was formed by 6 soldiers; the BREN group consisted of a gunner, his number 2 gunman (No2) and a Lance corporal.

From the war establishments:
Corporal, carries STEN SMG.
Privates, No1; No2; No3; No4; No5; No6 : carries Lee-Enfield No4 mkI*
Lance Corporal, carries Lee-Enfield No4 mkI*
Private, BREN No1, carries BREN LMG
Private, BREN No2, carries Lee-Enfield No4 mkI*

The organization of the section was built upon the BREN Machine Gun as the BREN was the main firepower of the section. The rifle group was the maneuverable part of the section. Together they ware a strong formation to accomplish even the smallest missions.

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