Secondary impressions

The first secondary impression of Pattern '37 are the 'arms and services' of a British Airborne Division. They didn't represent the main unit of the division but were essential during an Airborne operation.

Airborne Reconnaissance squadron
Royal Corps of Signals

Pattern '37 has the philosophy to study the 'other' side as well. The war was not only hard and senseless to many British soldiers, but many Germans in the ''Wehrmacht" hated the war as well. For that reason we portray occasionally the German Wehrmacht soldier.

German Wehrmacht 1944/45
German Wehrmacht 1940

Some secondary (individual) impressions of our members:

British Expeditionary Force, 1939 - 1940

Royal Air Force, Groundcrew, 1940 - '45

Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, 1943 - '45 131st (Queens) Brigade Workshop
7th Armoured Division

1Bn The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)
153rd Infantry Brigade
51st Highland Division