You must be at least 18 years old to be a member of Pattern '37


Before the new member can carry weapons, he gets lessons concerning weapon safety and how to handle his weapon. Blankfiring is only allowed for particularly meetings and when we get admission of the authorities.
Weapons must be in accordance with the Belgian law.

Physical condition

Several of our activities are physical related, so it is necessary to have an acceptable physical condition.

Appearance / military look

- correct bearing and statue
- hear: must be trimmed above the ears and on the sides, no colored hear
- beard: beard, stubbly beard or sideburns are not allowed
- mustage: must be narrow and may not exceed the corner of the mouth
- glasses: suitable to the forties, military style. Modern shaped glasses are not acceptible
- tattoos: may not be visible
- piercings: may not be visible


- We do not tolerate any form of racism, fascism or extreme thoughts
- Stay political neutral
- A good contribution and teamwork in the group
- Have respect for the uniform, history en historical objects
- Strive for historical correctness


As a new member, we help you to build up your uniform and equipment. You must have a minimal basic to participate in your first meeting.

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